Ouray Ice Festival

The first weekend of 2012 I spent in "the Switzerland of America," Ouray Colorado at the Ouray Ice Festival. The quaint town of Ouray, pronounced "euray", is nestled into a valley completely surrounded by impressive mountains. The Ice Festival takes places just above the town at the Ouray Ice Park, a "manmade ice climbing venue operated in a spectacular natural gorge."

I like to browse Craigslist regularly and I came across a post asking for a ride-share to the festival. I'd never heard of it, but when I looked it up I knew I had to go.  A six hour car ride later we arrive in Ouray.

Main Street in Ouray

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Moon Halo
My craigslist friend and I decided to brave the cold and car camp in a small park above the city. It was a beautifully clear night with an almost moon acting as our night light. In the morning we prepared to watch the highlight of the festival, the climbing competition. I talked the editor of Rock and Ice into getting me access to the base of the gorge so I could shoot the competition.
Emily Harrington working on her first place womens finish during the competition on Saturday
Emily Harrington shows off her "figure of nine" technique

From down inside the gorge

Nathan Kutcher crossing the ice bridge for his first place finish.
Andres Marin starting off his second place run

Rob Cordey-Cotter reaching the ice-bridge right before he timed out

Rob Cordey-Cotter free soloing a WI5 out of the gorge instead of taking the "walk of shame"

Dawn Glanc working her way across the ice bridge

Rob Cordey-Cotter topside after free soloing out of the gorge

The view down the gorge

The spectacular mountains that surround Ouray

D. Scott Clark

I've worked all over her globe with a diverse set of clients that offer a diverse set of challenges; every one of them a learning opportunity. Whether I'm hanging off a frozen waterfall shooting ice climbing or in a studio working with a model I am adapting, learning, and improving. I've created a mobile studio in the middle of a wild adventure race in southern Patagonia and fought with monkeys to keep my grapes in southern India. Whatever the challenge I will get the shot.

With my photography background firmly formed in the commercial advertising arena, I bring that attention to detail and technical process to adventure photography. And I've spent my entire life adventuring, so I can get any angle you can imagine.

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Boulder, CO. When I'm not shooting for clients I'm out climbing rocks or frozen waterfalls, or cruising down in the backcountry on my skis.



  1. To be a bit pedantic, Emily is doing a figure of nine on your shot, since her right leg is on her right tool. A figure of four crosses limbs.

  2. Thank you for that clarification. I will update it.