Colorado's Great Sand Dunes National Park

I’ve wanted to go to the Colorado Great Sand Dunes National Park since I moved to Boulder 3 years ago (almost), but hadn’t had the opportunity. This past September my aunt, father, and sister were hiking a section of the Continental Divide Trail in Southern Colorado. My mother came from Indiana to watch my sister’s boys while the other adults were out on the trail. Mother insisted on seeing me since I was only six hours away. 

I was happy to finally see this beautiful spectacle. They’re the tallest sand dunes in North America. And they’re awesome. 


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0831 SandDunes 0031

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The Dunes cover 30 square miles and are stacked up against the Sangre de Cristo mountains. 


0831 SandDunes 0078

Grains of Sand 


0831 SandDunes 0087

Steam rises off of a lake in the San Luis Valley

0831 SandDunes 0089

0831 SandDunes 0102

Panorama of the dunes as seen from the road entering the park. 


0831 SandDunes 0139

The evening sun casts long shadows across Great Sand Dunes National Park, accentuating the sensual curves of the dunes.


0831 SandDunes 0151

0831 SandDunes 0152

0831 SandDunes 0159

0831 SandDunes 0241

On the drive home up 285 I was watching a storm come through his valley near Buena Vista and had to stop to capture it. 


0831 SandDunes 0250 

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