Cute Chillins

This week I started a project for an NGO that works on education for children who would otherwise wind up on the streets. This particular school works with special education. The day was frustrating sometimes, but over all it was good. Plus I didn't have any equipment failures!

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I broke out the ring flash and started experimenting.

Turns out, the ring light is a nice defused light when used off of the camera axis.

The hall is open to the outside and the gray day provided great quality light for these portraits against the colorful backdrop of paintings.

D. Scott Clark

I've worked all over her globe with a diverse set of clients that offer a diverse set of challenges; every one of them a learning opportunity. Whether I'm hanging off a frozen waterfall shooting ice climbing or in a studio working with a model I am adapting, learning, and improving. I've created a mobile studio in the middle of a wild adventure race in southern Patagonia and fought with monkeys to keep my grapes in southern India. Whatever the challenge I will get the shot.

With my photography background firmly formed in the commercial advertising arena, I bring that attention to detail and technical process to adventure photography. And I've spent my entire life adventuring, so I can get any angle you can imagine.

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Boulder, CO. When I'm not shooting for clients I'm out climbing rocks or frozen waterfalls, or cruising down in the backcountry on my skis.

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