Ready to Travel

I am putting together a show of my travel work from Uganda, Rwanda, Costa Rica, and India which will be displayed in the Wesleyan Church Headquarters in Indianapolis, IN. While making the placecards I had to look through my journals to find names and locations. While reading through my Journal from Uganda and Rwanda, I found this entry:

9/3/06 Kibungu, Rwanda, East Africa
"Today was a day just like any other day except for the manioc (banana mush) for breakfast. Today was a day just like any other except for falling asleep in a rickety bus on the way to a rural Anglican parish in south eastern Rwanda. The same sun I have know all my life greeted me over the most beautiful red-sand mountain with lush vegetation. It is strange knowing I am below the equator, I am on a new and different continent, but feeling I am the same person. It is strange because I could wake up tomorrow in Indiana, the next day in India and still I would feel the same. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe this is good; I am prepared to travel the world."

I find it interesting that I wrote this two and half years ago, but still when I travel I feel the same way: a disappointment that I am not different while my environment is different. I don't know if I just built up traveling in my mind so much that I have outlandish expectations for the transformational effects of travel. I can even remember feeling this way traveling with my family as a boy, somehow expecting the distance traveled to magically transform everything about my ability to sense my environment.

D. Scott Clark

I've worked all over her globe with a diverse set of clients that offer a diverse set of challenges; every one of them a learning opportunity. Whether I'm hanging off a frozen waterfall shooting ice climbing or in a studio working with a model I am adapting, learning, and improving. I've created a mobile studio in the middle of a wild adventure race in southern Patagonia and fought with monkeys to keep my grapes in southern India. Whatever the challenge I will get the shot.

With my photography background firmly formed in the commercial advertising arena, I bring that attention to detail and technical process to adventure photography. And I've spent my entire life adventuring, so I can get any angle you can imagine.

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful place as Boulder, CO. When I'm not shooting for clients I'm out climbing rocks or frozen waterfalls, or cruising down in the backcountry on my skis.


  1. shoot, the rest of the msg:

    i know that feeling, and thought I was the only one. i'm always expecting to wake up different. and always surprised that i'm the same person i was the night before. :)